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Looking for the best career options after 12th? Well, selecting a career path after 12th can be a very daunting task since we are too young to understand what all should fit in our checklist. But at the same time, this decision is one of the most crucial ones as a major if not entire part of our life is shaped on what career we opt in future.

We have tried to prepare a list of criteria that you should consider while choosing your career path. It may help you to get an idea to what really you should be looking for while choosing your career.


best career options after 12th

Things to consider while selecting a career path:


Cost of Study:

Well, cost of study is the first one in our list because we know, we all have been there. The cost of education is reaching new heights everyday. So, while choosing a career, the cost of course in that direction should be one we or our family can afford. That planning needs to be thorough.


Well, everything  boils down to that one important factor that how well a job pays off. So picking up a job that pays a handsome job is always an important factor to select a career path. It is advisable to look through the job profiles job search websites have or refer to the vacancies posted to really have an idea which jobs are in demand and are paying off well.

Area of interest:

It is very important to really understand what our area of interest is while picking up a career. It is because once we land up in a job and we figure out that the job is not as exciting, it will be difficult to continue in the long run.

Work-life balance:

This term may sound alien or we may not really understand its implication while we are students. But once we end up in a job, finding time for ourselves or things that we love may be very difficult. As such, its the nature of job that matters the most. It may be very beneficial to talk to our parents and seniors or people in various kinds of jobs to really understand how is the nature of job affecting their work-life balance.

In demand:

It always happens that new technologies come or new job roles are created that have a high demand for upcoming few years. So, taking up a course that can promise a demanding career path not only ensures a good salary but also gives multiple options in hand.

Career Path Based on Stream

Now that we have discussed what all we should consider while selecting a career path, we will look into the various career paths available today depending upon your stream.

Science stream:

If you have an interest over ‘why and how’ of things, good at analytical skills and number crunching is your thing, you should definitely take up science based courses for your life ahead. Contrary to popular belief that says science only means either engineering or medical courses, there are a wide array of courses to choose from that are in demand and interesting too. That being said, lets look at various options that this stream leads to.


Well, engineering as a course has been most sought after as it comes with both a good salary and respect in the society. Also, we cannot neglect the fact the there is also innovation going on in this field, and the demand for jobs is ever rising. The various streams on could look for depending upon  the area of interest are civil, mechanical, aeronautical, computer engineering, biomedical engineering. You need to take up B.E or B.Tech course from a reputed university to pursue engineering as a career. JEE Mains and JEE advanced are the entrance exams you need to clear to get into the best engineering colleges of India. Click here to get the details of the exam.


If you have an interest in healthcare and biology is your passion, medicine is for you. Medicine as a field primarily means MBBS, followed by MD. MBBS is typically a 5 and half years course followed by a 3 years MD which is post graduate course. NEET is the main entrance test to get into the prestigious medical colleges. Click here to get the full details regarding eligibility, dates and admission process.

Apart from medicine and engineering, there are numerous courses like biotechnology, forensic science, cell therapy and others that are very much in demand and high paying.

Commerce stream:

Studing companies, functioning of businesses, looking into finances, taxation are very few of the aspects of commerce stream. This stream also offers very high paying jobs considering the type of course you select.

Chartered accountancy:

You should enroll for ICAI that is the sole organization of Chartered Accountancy in India. The job of CA is one of the lucrative ones in commerce field. Besides, the cost of education for CA is comparatively very low as compared to other courses. Get full details of the course here.

Company Secretary:

ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) looks into the entire working of Company sectrataries in India. Get enrolled with the institute and prepare of CSEET exam is your way to become a company secretary. Click here to get full details about enrollment, exam dates and eligibility.

Additionally, after doing the traditional B.Com, BBA, you can go for MBA depending upon what is your area of interest. It opens up a wide array of high paying job profiles for you that includes financial analyst, investment banker, corporate governance and entrepreneurship and others.


Well, humanities or lets say arts covers everything except science and medicine. It means the options for courses and jobs is so wide that it will be difficult to list them all here in this one post. However, we will try to focus on the major ones.

Fashion Designing:

If you are creative enough and you are inclined towards the world of fashion, you can opt for this career. NIFT is the main institute in India for fashion designing. You can get the entire details related to admission, eligibility criteria in their website.

Political science/Public relations:

If you are interested in governance, law and political science, this can be your career path. Bachelor in Arts with major subjects as these will help you go forward.


If you like the job of media person and have the hunger for bringing stories from all around, then journalism can be your choice. Mass communication is the course you should be looking for to get into journalism.


We have seen how the demand has grown over the years for animated movies, short films. The good thing about animation is a diploma course will also get you through to be earning good enough.


You can do BA/LLB if you are interested in law and order, judicial system and all. A reputed lawyer can be hired by consultancies or can open a firm on his own that pays well.


Psychology can be your subject if you are into people and a good listener. Corporates hire psychologist and pay them really well as the demand for the same is increasing these days.



Apart from these, you can also look for career in hospitality, event management, graphic designing, and many others. We have kept the article very short and concise for the sake of engagement. Do let us know what more would you like to read upon so that we can go in details about the topics. If you like our article or have a feedback, please feel free to comment. We would love to hear from you.

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