How to Earn Money Online for Students

Are you tired of searching how to earn money online for students ? We will try to give you some legitimate ways to earn money in this post.

How to earn money online for students

But first, we all know that there are lots of frauds/scam going on nowadays in the name of giving jobs. When we are desperately searching for jobs, it is easy to fall prey to such scams where instead of earning any money, we tend to lose huge sum of money and we are left feeling disastrous. So, we will first try to highlight the points that you must not do so that you can save yourself from the online scams.

What not to do?

  1. First things first, if any offer seems to good to be true, its most probably a scam. Refrain from such offers.
  2. If any person/company wants your details wherein they want your mobile no. aadhaar no. account no., it can be a scam. You should never ever share your account no. or any OTP to any person whatso ever.
  3. If any company wants to hire you even for a basic job, they will enquire about the skills you have got. If all they want you to is to deposit some initial amount, after which they guarantee you a job, you should be alert.
  4. Also, when you are a fresher and looking for jobs, there could be genuine jobs. But what may happen is they will get you to work and once the job is delivered, they won’t pay you and stop contacting. It means all your efforts go into vein.
  5. Please remember, there is no shortcut to earn money. People will pay you only when you give a service. There is no quick rich scheme. Even if a job is online, it will demand time and skill.

Now that we have discussed the possible ways to avoid ourselves from getting scammed, we will look into the legitimate ways to earn money online.

How to earn money online for students:


Content writing:

If you are good at writing contents, and capable to dig into various resources to bring valuable information, you can try your hands into content writing. There are various websites, blogs that are looking for good content writers.


Language translation:

If you are good at two or more languages, you can look for jobs that require translators. You can get vacancies for the same in all major job search websites. You get paid per word basis that is almost Rs. 2 to Rs. 3 per world on an average.


Data entry:

Though there are lot of scams going on in the name of data entry jobs. But you should be vigilant while looking for such jobs. A proper due diligence on the website will help you recognize if the job posted is a genuine one. The amount earned is nominal but suffices for a student’s pocket money.



There are numerous websites like,, where in various types of online jobs are posted that one can do as per their working schedule. You can find jobs related to data entry, content writing, ghost writing, language translation, graphic designing and all.



If you have a passion for writing, be it any niche, you can try your hands in blogging. Creating a blog page doesn’t cost much, in fact, free versions are also available. Go to or and create a blog page and start blogging.

Protip: No body tells you this, but just creating a blog page and writing will not earn you any money. When you have good audience, you can attract brands, display their ads or get into affiliate marketing. That is how you earn money. So, it takes time to build an audience of your own.


Affiliate marketing:

That brings us to our next way to earn money. That is affiliate marketing. So, what is affiliate marketing? So, you see all these websites like Amazon, Shopify and others. Well, these brands run their affiliate program wherein if you as an affiliate help to make a sales, they will pay you a commission on that depending on the type of product. As such, every sale you make through you page, or post, you earn a commission. You can earn a really good amount if you have a really huge audience base.


Content creation:

So, you see all these youtube shorts, insta reels these days? If you are creative enough or you think making good quality videos is your thing, then maybe you can get into content creation. But let me tell you that the no. of subscribers or followers does not make you money.

Let’s take Instagram for example. Let’s say you have 100k followers. But the reels will not make money for you. What happens is when you have good amount of followers, brands come to you to advertise their product and pay you for the same. Reels are just a way to engage audience to increase you amount of followers.

Youtube, on the other hand, pays you for the videos you make depending upon the time duration and no. of views in a particular video. The payment, itself has got nothing to do with no. of subscribes.


Online tutoring:

If you are into academics, and teaching is your passion, you can opt for online tutoring. There are many websites these days like that are looking for tutors for online classes giving the option for flexible working hours.


Apart from these, there are many other types of online jobs, but we have mentioned it here because the success rate of earning money from those is minimal.

And as an advice, we would strongly say that if you are seriously looking for a part time online job to continue with your studies, try to enroll into professional courses like coding, animation, video editing, trading apart from your schooling so that you have lots of jobs that match your set of skills. Nowadays, websites like Coursera, Udemy have huge variety of courses at a very nominal fee.

Hope you like our post. We have tried to keep our content as transparent as possible. If you like our post, consider commenting on the post. Also, please feel free to comment if you would like another post about a particular job in detail. We will sure bring up posts dedicated to it. Happy Reading!!!

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